The story. The Dream and the Team behind Inmark Eco.

About Us

Inmark Eco Solutions (pvt) Ltd is a subsidiary of Himaco Holdings which provides diversified array of product and services, to further enhance the product portfolio of our group. Inmark is the green arm of the Himaco Holdings which focuses on innovative eco-friendly products leading to cleaner and sustainable environment. Our main goal is to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable eco-friendly solutions across every need, that encourage people towars a more eco-friendly life style. Recognizing the gowing issue of an ever expanding carbon footprint in, in our day to day lives, Inmark has set its main objective to reduce the carbon footprint directly through our operations as well as indirectly through our customers.

Inmark Eco Solutions' operation are backed by our set of world renowned suppliers of eco-friendly products for all types of interior and exterior requirements. We provide value added commodities to local businesses, households as well as to the environment. Inmark is committed to being and end-to-end service provider, extending our services from selecting the suitable product to installation stage.

We offer a wide range of eco-friendly innovative and unique products ranging from IRUV cut glass coating, wallpapers, coir products, eco-friendly office furniture and deco, etc and look at every day to day need that makes the world clean, green and safe.

To be the leading provider of innovative green solutions for a safer environment.

Our Vision

To discover and deliver innovative green technological products and services for our customers and stakeholders, and creating a greener world.

Our Mission

SKETCH CO. LTD. Partnership

Sketch is the manufacturer of NANO SHIELD based in Japan. It was established in 1989. And they specialize in development and manufacturing of Nano-technological coating using inorganic adhesive binders.

It offers a wide range of products which are environmental friendly and sustainable. SKETCH has over 100 distributors in Japan and over 30 overseas authorised distributors.

Visit Sketch website via www.sketch-english.com

Our Group

Himaco Holdings was formed with a vision of uniting our subsidiary companies Himaco (Pvt) Ltd, Himaco Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd, Himaco Trading (Pvt) Ltd, Print Finish (Pvt) Ltd. We are a conglomerate striving towards success while offering a vast array of products and services to our distinguished clientele.

We embarked on the journey towards our success nearly three decades ago, with Himaco (Pvt) Ltd. During the years we have been in operation, we have attained a vast array of clientele from various industries, which has inspired our continuous growth

Currently we have achieved our primary goal of expansion into other trades such as construction and home improvement, and agricultural products moving forward from printing machinery trade. As we envisioned in the beginning we want to be versatile and be able to provide our customers the services they need.

Visit our group website via www.himaco.lk

Himaco Pvt Ltd

One of the pioneer Importers and Distributers of Printing Machines from Japan.

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Himaco Trading Pvt Ltd

Established under Himaco Holding to support the printing industries with spare parts and consumables.

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Himaco Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Commercial Building constructors, Face Lifting programs for Houses, Steel fabricators.

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Print Finish Pvt Ltd

Mainly in to value added service of printing materials, established in the year 2006.

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Wraplane Packaging Solutions

Driven by the love for packaging and gap in the market for creative and personalized boxes,

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