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Nano shield is a thermal insulation liquid coating for windows that blocks ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays (IRs), while maintaining visible light transmission. This intelligent energy efficient solution allows a glass window to receive maximum of natural light while reducing the heat that is penetrated through the glass. It is a product of Sketch Co.Ltd Japan which has a more than 70% market share in Japan and sales presence in more than 30 countries.


of UV Cut


of IR Cut


of Visibility Maintained


Energy Saving

Solar Control
Tint Film
Standard Window
Tint Film
Materials & installation Cost $ $$ $
More than 78% Visible Light Transmission (VLT)
Reduces Infrared Rays (IR) by 70% or more
Reduces Ultraviolet Rays by 99.7% or more
Reduces energy consumption
Long product life 10 years +
Can upgrade nearly any existing window
Easy application and removal
No visible joints on large windows
No noticeable change to external appearance of windows
Higher abrasion resistance
Applicable on uneven surfaces

3 Easy steps to reduce sun damage

Nano Shield Energy Test


1. What is NANO SHIELD?
NANO SHIELD is a thermal insulate liquid coating on windows which acts as a long lasting shield against the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays while maintaining high level of natural light indoor. NANO SHIELD coating blocks up to 99.9% of ultra-violet (UV) light and absorbs up to 85% of Infra-Red (IR) light on the window, while still allowing for up to 75% visible light transmission.
2. Does NANO SHIELD have an odor?
NANO SHIELD will emit an odor which is similar to paint or nail polish while it is being applied. This smell will dissipate almost completely after three hours.
3. Can NANO SHIELD be coated on tinted film?
No. We have to remove the film first before apply the liquid on the glass.
4. Can NANO SHIELD coating be removed from glass surfaces?
5. Is there a warranty on this product?
We warrant that NANO SHIELD will not discolor, peel, crack or bubble and will continue to perform for up to 15 years in normal conditions.
1. How is NANO SHIELD applied?
We do all work on-site with your existing windows in place. NANO SHIELD is applied in liquid form with a special paint roller, directly onto the glass surface. We clean and prepare the glass thoroughly. Then we mix and apply the coating. The final step is drying and airing.
2. Is NANO SHIELD applied on the interior or exterior of a glass surface?
Inmark recommends coating the interior surface of a glass. Interior environmental conditions are more easily controlled resulting in optimum clarity and uniformity of the final fully cured coating.
3. Are special conditions required during the application process?
Inmark recommends application at a temperature between 5°C - 35°C and relative humidity 70% or less.
4. What type of surface preparation is required?
All obvious dirt and contaminants should be removed with a paper towel. Masking materials should be used to protect adjacent surfaces and window fixtures. NANO SHIELD Glass Primer is then used to clean the surface.
5. How long does NANO SHIELD take to dry?
The surface will be “touch” dry in 3-4 hours and completely cured (hardened) in 2 weeks. Windows can be opened after touch-dry stage. Estimates are based on room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.
6. How long does NANO SHIELD take to install?
Our experienced team can complete about 20 square meters per day.
1. How much heat does NANO SHIELD block?
NANO SHIELD blocks more than 99.7% of UV radiation and more than 70% of the infrared radiation which is up to 42% solar heat rejection.
2. Will I lose any natural light?
NANO SHEILD dries to a clear finish with a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of more than 75% when applied to standard 3mm glass. Uncoated glass has a VLT of 87%. There is no distortion.
3. How can I clean NANO SHIELD coated windows?
When fully cured (after one month), NANO SHEILD can be cleaned using a soft cloth and diluted PH neutral detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals such as solvents, citrus oil, ammonia or bleach.
4. Are there any noticeable joints after NANO SHIELD coating?
Unlike film, which comes with fixed widths, NANO SHIELD coatings are seamless. You won’t see joints on the coated glass.

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